Our Turn: Daniel Ging

Our Turn: Daniel Ging

Communicator Photography Editor Daniel Ging looks back at his time at CHS and ahead to life as an adult

“It’s scary yet exciting. I’m ready to ready to be done, but at the same time, ready to move on to the next chapter of my life, but at the same time I know that I’m gonna have to be an adult and that I’m actually gaining responsibilities sucks. I think that dwelling on the past is not worth it and looking forward towards the future is the best way to look at it. So being excited for something even if you’re not, allows me to be more positive towards change, especially at a time where I’m turning 18 which is like the biggest change in my life probably. If I’m excited for it, then when it comes it’ll be better.

Before leaving Community, I want to be able to like have closure. I don’t want to just be like ‘peace’ and leave and never come back, I want to have times where I can be like okay, I’m wrapping this up, these are my final moments here. So I’m gonna talk to my teachers more get to and have my final bonding moments with people that I’ve spent so much time with. But I’m also realizing that especially in like this class, there aren’t very many people I’m going to talk to in the next five years, so being able to have my final moments with people and making sure that when they look back at high school, they don’t see me as like, ‘oh, that kid,’ but I can instead be someone they have some sort of positive memories with”


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Lucia Page Sander
Lucia Page Sander, Social Media Editor-in-Chief
This is Lucia's fourth semester on staff and her first as a Social Media Editor-in-Chief. When she's not playing soccer for the Michigan Jaguars or competing for Lily Weightlifting, you can find her in the garden, watching tennis with her family, or jumping on her mini trampoline. Lucia loves surfing, doing the Wordle, climbing trees, and munching on cherry tomatoes. She is beyond excited to see what this year brings both inside and outside room 300.

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