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“Daisy Jones and The Six” Review

“I used to care when men called me difficult. I really did. Then I stopped. This way is better. ” — Daisy Jones
William Morrow
Daisy Jones (right) and Billy Dunne (left) performing with the band live

1997, a camera starts rolling. A woman sits in front of it with long red hair and a caption saying, “Daisy Jones. Lead singer/songwriter. She and her bandmates begin to tell their stories to the camera, and of the rise and fall of their band “Daisy Jones and the Six”.

This series was released weekly in March in early 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. It was produced by Reese Witherspoon as the book (by Taylor Jenkins Reid) had been on her book club “Reese’s Book Club“. Many people who had read the book and watched the show made connections to ” Almost Famous (2000). This story is also inspired by the love affair in Fleetwood Mac between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Where the two bandmates had a tortured romance between the two of them and the amount of the songs they created coincided with the songs in the tv show.

Billy and Daisy in an embrace.

The show is incredible. The songs and the plot lines go great with each other. The actors also have great chemistry between each other, with Riley Keough (Daisy) and Sam Clafin (Billy) portraying an angst full relationship and the trope of “right person, wrong time”. Camila Monroe (Camila) also portrays a woman who has to endure a man who is constantly changing tones and emotions and still sticks with him to the end, and steals the scenes she is in.

The Band from left to right. Billy Dunne(Sam Clafin), Graham Dunne(Will Harrison), Karen Sirko(Suki Waterhouse), Warren Rhodes(Sebastian Chacon) , Eddie Roundtree(Josh Whitehouse) and Daisy Jones(Riley Keough).

Every song that was sung in this show was not at all lip sync. The actors had even gone to band camp to learn what instruments their role required. Keough, who is our leading lady, for sure has the vocal cords from her grandfather, Elvis presley. She sings so beautifully if it’s a sad song or an upbeat one in the show. Suki Waterhouse (karen), also contributes to the vocals of the band from her past songs such as ” Good looking ” and “Moves . The show even has its own album called “ Aurora”, which is available on music streaming platforms everywhere.

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who likes the tropes of the muse, rock and roll bands, the 70s aesthetic, and love tropes shown in many different ways. The show also portrays the 70s amazingly plus the costumes of the time and major things that affected that era such as the beginning of legal abortion and etc.

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