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First Town Hall in Decades Returns to Craft Theatre

Claire Steigelman
Claire Steigelman

As the forum council elections approach, co-presidents and vice-presidents are attempting to secure votes by running campaigns and distributing merch. Most notably, a forum council town hall meeting was held on Feb. 7 during lunch. Voters asked questions and heard out each contestant on their policies and personal achievements. A majority of candidates spoke on emphasizing accessibility, equality and building on events held before like the Halloween dance or middle school outreach groups.

Ryan Silvester, the forum council advisor, provided his personal perspective on the town hall and qualities to look for in student vice-presidents and co-presidents.

“You get to see candidates through their slides and they’ll come up and talk to you individually, but I think it’s kind of cool to see them on the hot seat for positions like this,” Silvester said.

This was the first town hall meeting since the pandemic, with students crowding the seats and focusing on each presenter. One question they got asked was: “What are the most important traits of a forum council leader?”

“You need to have patience with understanding that you are going to have really big lofty goals and some of them aren’t always gonna be met,” Silvester said.

Voting will proceed through a Google form in the bulletin slides on Feb. 8 during forum. Students will choose one duo of co-presidents and rank which vice president they prefer.

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