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Humans of Community: Ebie Lamb

Mia Rubenstein
Ebie Lamb has her mic check for the first understudy run of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812.

“With plays, you have to leave an impression on the audience; you have to make them remember you. Musicals, they’ll come out humming the song and like, ‘Oh, that was a really fun song’ and they might not have paid attention to as much of what we’re saying. With plays, they are on every word that you’re saying so you’ve got to enunciate, you’ve got to pick when you’re going to dictate what words you find most important. And so I kind of liked the plays more, on like the receiving feedback side because they really are like ‘I noticed when you said this line,’ you said it like this and it was really cool.’ Whereas I hear from everyone else like ‘you sang beautifully’ or ‘you did a really cool dance move’ and not your meaning that you sang when you sang that was beautiful.”

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