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Our Turn: Walker Ledbetter

Freshman journalist Walker Ledbetter digs through his experience with fear.

“The obvious fear is death, but I think that everyone has that fear naturally. I think everyone has to be afraid of death because in your brain you’re telling yourself you need to survive. But I think for me, besides not existing anymore, it’s forgetting memories. You know how you can’t remember just before you fall asleep? So for me, it’s forgetting memories and parts of my life that are important. That part of my life essentially doesn’t exist for me because I forgot it, I’ve lived through time but I can’t remember it, so it doesn’t affect me. It feels like if I forget anything, I’m losing parts of my life and that’s scary to me. So I try to remember as much as I can. If I get only a certain amount of time to live, then I’m just bleeding off because I’m forgetting memories in my life. That’s like life draining away from me essentially. It’s a strange thing to be scared about, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be scared about.”

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Andrew Hadley, Journalist
Andrew is a Freshman at CHS and is the Yager forum. This is his first year on the Communicator staff and is excited to start his journey. Andrew spends lots of his time being with his friends, playing basketball and with his dog. His goals for the Communicator is to share peoples voices that aren't heard.

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