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Humans of Community: Eli Feng


“My dad is who got me into theater. From what I remember, it was the summer before eighth grade and I didn’t have much going on so he was like, ‘You’re gonna do this one theater camp’ and I was like, ‘Okay’. And then I did it, and it was pretty fun. Then he was like ‘Hey, you should audition for a play and I did and I liked it. It pretty much became my main hobby from there. I mainly do shows with YPT and Community’s theater, CET. I think CET does more mature shows because they’re only drawing from a pool of high schoolers, which I enjoy. But I also enjoy the structural elements of YPT. I think my favorite roles I’ve played so far are one of the kids in the class in YPT’s School of Rock but my favorite show I’ve done is Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 with CET. I like to just be seen by a ton of people, like just to be known if that makes sense. I think theater is a great way to just be extroverted and meet new people. It’s just a really good community. I’d say I’ve made a decent amount of my friends through theater.”

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