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Poet Profile: Emily Yesowitz

Emily Yesowitz explores the uniqueness of writing in her poetry.

What poet inspires you the most?
My favorite poet is Amy Gerstler. I absolutely adore her work. I am especially inspired by the way she bends the rules of poetry. When I am feeling writer’s block I read work of hers because her unique style reminds me how fluid and flexible poetry is and should be. Sometimes It’s hard to remember that poetry is supposed to be fun, and she helps me remember that.

What do you like to write about in your poetry?
They mostly reflect the people and places around me. I am always most inspired when I am traveling as there are so many new places to see and things to do. I especially love to write about home. I have so many poems written about home. Mine, others, imaginary ones. I also often mirror poems I have read. It’s inspiring.

What does literature mean to you?
Literature is such a beautiful art form. It is a way to make even the simplest ideas and images into rich, beautiful moments that can be shared with anyone. Literature is truly like nothing else, its range is crazy. Every single person has the ability to find a piece of writing they love, and that is so special. It isn’t for a certain person or group…it’s for everyone!

When did you start writing poetry?
I have always preferred books with rich descriptions and creative writing styles, so I think in a way I have always loved poetry. But I didn’t really begin to write until 8th grade or so. It became a way to share emotions and events in a more creative way. I expect I will continue writing poetry for as long as my hand can hold a pencil.

What does the Poetry Club mean to you?
Poetry club is so important to me. It’s just a place full of like-minded people! It really helps me to open my mind and see other perspectives and styles of writing. Everyone there has grown so much…we all really grow from each other I think. Poetry club is an amazing way to share whatever you are thinking about whether cryptically through metaphors or more directly. We really work to make it open to everyone and to stretch people’s ideas of what poetry “has to be”.

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