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“Call Me By Your Name” Review


Lust meets Italy in this captivating movie adaptation.

The 2017 Best Picture award-winning film “Call Me By Your Name” has taken the world by storm, dubbed the “most beautifully composed movie ever seen” and receiving a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on Andre Aciman’s novel, this R-rated film has earned its praise, and rightfully so, making it a must-see for those looking to experience the genuine depths and rollercoasters of love.

This film highlights the desire for someone you can’t have, someone older and wiser, unworthy of your naive affection.

Elio, the main character, is 17 and hosts a guest in his Italian villa for the summer. This guest is a graduate student of Elio’s father, Oliver, a wise and inquisitive 24-year-old Jewish-American.
Upon this summer spent together, they find intoxicating passion between one another and interest grows between the two, unaware of how their relationship lies ahead.

The iconic movie adaption has garnered positive reviews, but what about the lingering controversy that’s irking moviegoers?
People have addressed the unacceptable age gap between Elio and Oliver, yet various perspectives continue to emerge.

Despite the stigma gathered around this film, I appreciate the efforts of representing young LGBTQ+ love and the hardships of expressing it in the early 80’s. The storyline is amazing and if you love slow burns, this is your cup of tea.

The complexity of Elio’s emotions portrayed in the movie is extravagantly relatable, and hard to find in other films. It’s an incredible film for those who need a good cry as well as teens who struggle to convey their feelings toward love. It creates a distinct, otherworldly sense in your heart making it easy to empathize with, having you long to watch it for the first time again.

This film was the only thing that helped me understand my feelings about love; it put them in context for me, and it felt like the director turned my raw emotions into a film–into words, into a masterpiece.

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