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“The End We Start From” Review

Why this movie is scary accurate to our continuous battle with climate change today, and how we will face it when it comes
Jodie Comer as Mother in film The End We Start From.

The movie opens on a woman drawing herself a bath, while the radio plays in the background. She is clearly pregnant, wearing a green dress and talking to her belly, while ever so slowly, her house starts to flood with water from the outside and she simultaneously goes into labor. She manages to make it to the hospital and gives birth to a boy named Zeb. We see her house now completely submerged in water from the rain.

The film follows the mother and her son seeking shelter from the flood ravaged London by moving up north. The pair meet new people along the way while Mother tries to care for her newborn baby. In an ever changing world where climate change has defeated the planet, she tries to navigate her new role.

This movie is a great portrayal of love, loss, new friendships and hardships. The film featured Jodie Comer (Mother) and Katherine Waterson (O) who bond over their newfound approach to motherhood while adapting to a horrible environment of fighting, bargaining and hunger.

Jodie comer with Katharine Waterston walking and baby carrying their babies (Lighthouse Cinema )

When Mother travels through the English countryside while going north, the view is absolutely amazing and majestic. The cinematography is quite impressive and kudos to Mahalia Belo for capturing great shots for the film and a great storyline. At many points in the film, be it scenes of Jodie Comer with Katherine Waterston or the earlier with Joel Fry, I teared up at the raw emotion of the acting. I strongly hope that it gets the recognition it deserves in the next award season.

Another reason this movie draws my fascination in so much is because it is scarily accurate to our world today and how we would face a post-ecological crisis world. We as a society ignore the continuous pleading by ecology scientists that our world is changing rapidly due to climate change. Many events that happen in the film would more than likely happen in real life after a major ecological disaster. These disasters would lead to the collapse of society resulting in absolute chaos as it was depicted in the movie. I feel this movie is a glimpse to our future and a warning to all of us that our time on this nature thriving earth is fleeting.

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