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Lucky Pennies


My relationship with hope is frequently and infuriatingly intertwined with my superstitious inclinations.

I’ve heard before that pennies are completely useless in today’s economy. I’ve heard that — besides being incredibly tedious and annoying little coins — they even cost more to produce than what they’re worth. It’s insane and impractical that they haven’t been completely phased out by now. They’re not logical. But neither am I. I find all sorts of pennies in all sorts of places: shiny, grimy, heads, tails, floor pennies, table pennies, pocket pennies, I find them all. And they all have implicit value. I keep them in my room — not in any organized or reasonable way. Instead, they lie sprinkled around, undisciplined. I toss them, lose them and find them periodically. Between the bedframe and the wall, wedged under the mini-amp, there isn’t a nook or cranny in my room that doesn’t accommodate one of these lucky pieces.

Yes, they add to the superfluous clutter. And yes, each coin is a constant reminder of my complete lack of focus. But one day I might reach behind the desk and grab at a dropped charger — only to find that, in my hands, is one of these metallic time capsules. A hope or dream once lost beneath the geologic build-up of junk. And I might remember what value that coin holds. What had I hoped for when this penny was cast away?

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Malcolm London
Malcolm London, Journalist
Malcolm is an aspiring journalist with a passion for the greater good. By day, he writes articles and performs for the Community Ensemble Theatre. By night, he fights crime and commits admirable acts of heroism. With the shadows as his only ally, Malcolm has single-handedly turned the crime-riddled streets of Ann Arbor into a joyful utopia. This is his first year on staff.

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