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Jungle’s “Back on 74” Review

Exploring the recent surge in popularity of Jungle’s 70’s inspired groove: “Back on 74.”
Jungles Back on 74 Review

Jungle’s album, “Volcano, is an exact reflection of its name—an explosion of feel-good 70s and 80s-inspired music. Following its release on Aug. 11, 2023, this dance-electronic record was instantly embraced by the public, specifically track six: “Back on 74.”

The song is powered by lead singer, Lydia Kitto’s, soulful vocal track. Her distinct tone is arguably what makes the music so addictive. It starts with a single voice, but the chorus brings forth beautiful harmony and lively background vocals. The track has roughly 140 million streams on Spotify, and its popularity continues to soar on streaming platforms worldwide.

Listening to “Back on 74” will surely get you on your feet, and its popularity owes a lot to the dancing in the music video. The creative, clean-cut dances, choreographed by Shay Latukolan, were executed flawlessly and left viewers obsessed. The music video, shot in one take, features 18 dancers, each moving freely yet in perfect unison. Not only were these dancers cast in Jungle’s hit song, but they were also involved in the group throughout the whole album.

After the video’s surge in popularity, TikTok users fell in love with the choreography and started learning it for themselves. The video’s leading dancers, Will West and Mette Linturi, captivated their audience, influencing others to express themselves through dance. Soon enough, the “Back on 74” dance went viral with tens of thousands of posts under the song. Dancers from all backgrounds came together to express their shared appreciation for the perfectly crafted choreography.

Jungle’s song continues to thrive and flourish. The original cast of the music video made an appearance at this year’s Brit Awards to recreate the dance. That same night, Jungle won their first-ever Brit Award for Best British Group. Fans are excited to celebrate this well-deserved win and watch as Jungle continues to develop its addictive, unique sound.

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