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“Immaculate” Review

A movie where Sydney Sweeny becomes a Scream Queen in the horror film industry.
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Sister Cecilia, played by Sydney Sweeny, comes to Italy to take her final vows as a nun in a picturesque convent in the countryside. Ever so slowly, the terrible secrets of the convent start to reveal themselves, transforming this perfect place into a place of nightmares and unspeakable horrors for Cecilia.

Immaculate” is an amazing horror film, with Sweeny debuting her scream queen energy and being the final surviving girl in a psychological horror film. She captures our attention every time she appears on the screen with her calm, composed and peaceful energy when she is in a place that should make her worry her socks off. To a woman who is dead set on getting out of that nightmarish place that is keeping her there against her will and will do anything to get herself out of there and save herself .

Alvaro Morte also perfectly portrays the priest, who welcomes Cecilia with open arms and invites her to his convent, but becomes increasingly suspicious throughout the film when he does things that no priest would do.

Benedetta Porcaroli, an actress who plays a nun who is friends with Cecilia in the convent, had an important role to portray: the only person who knows something off and speaks out about it the lies she had been fed.

Though this is a horror film, there are minimal gory scenes throughout the film compared to “The Nun,” making it more accessible to a wider audience. This film could have been a bit longer,. with it only being 1 hour and 30 minutes and having some plot holes and an ambiguous ending. But this then gives us time to fill in the plot holes with our own ideas, and we could possibly think there would be a second movie to continue on with the story of Cecilia.

But something that really freaked me out is that I am also named Cecilia, like Sydney Sweeney’s character, and am also from outside Detroit, Michigan, like her. And funny story: when I watched this film, my sister kept on asking me if I was going to become a nun, and I kept on saying I wouldn’t survive for once, since I needed my phone and access to bookstores for basically my entire life so if my life ever goes off course, call me Sister Cecilia cause I’m joining the holy order. So if you have time to go to the cinemas this week or weekend, go see Immaculate to watch Sweeny’s amazing performance as a final girl and as a scream queen, joining the ranks of many others like Jamie Lee Curtis, Mia Goth, Samara Weaving, and Anya Taylor-Joy .

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