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“Abigail” Review

Bernard Walsh/Universal Pictures
(Left to Right) Melissa Barrera and Dan Stevens.

Reason 48936th why you shouldn’t have children; they could become a murderous, crazed child vampire that plays with humans before killing them in your country house outside of the city. That’s what the recent movie “Abigail” that was released in cinemas on April 19th is all about. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who did “Ready or Not,” “Scream 5″, and “Scream VI.”They bring to the screen another amazing horror film with the iconic Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens and Angus Cloud, which sadly was his last movie before his death.

Melissa Barrera as “Joey” in Abigail.

“Abigail” follows the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a prominent criminal figure in the crime underworld who is kidnapped and ransomed by six would-be criminals. All they need to do is keep an eye on her till dawn to get the ransom money they were promised in exchange for the girl. As the people from the group of criminals start to turn up dead in random parts of the secluded mansion they are hiding in, they begin to realize that they are trapped with no ordinary young girl with a knack for ballet.

I would recommend this film to a fellow ballerina from a former one to see it and enjoy the dancing on screen like in similar films, such as “Black Swan.”. Melissa Barrera gives another sensational final girl performance in this horror film, as she has in others such as the Scream movies she is known for. And the iconic Dan Stevens breaks his streak of typecasting as the good, sweet guy and becomes a complete jerk who is so self-absorbed, that it borders on narcissistic. Then the star of the show, Alisha Weir, who plays the titular character, Abigail, acts like an innocent girl but schemes behind the scenes of what schemes she concocts to earn the love of her father, an all-powerful figure. But one thing that astonishes me is how Weir goes from playing Matilda in the musical on Netflix to Abigail, which is phenomenal and shows her range of acting at a very young age that is bound to get her tons of different roles in the future.

I strongly recommend that people see this and support these amazing actors and actresses who gave phenomenal performances for a movie that is truly a rare find.

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