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“Bones and All” Review

“Bones and All”, a bloody story featuring love through common differences.
IMDB – Bones and All

Intimate and gruesome would be one way to describe “Bones and All” based on the 2015 novel by Camille DeAngelis. This film centers on the uncontrollable need to feed on people and the following hardships. The film primarily follows Marren (Taylor Russel), abandoned at 18 by her father due to her cannibalistic tendencies, Maren then leaves her home behind and embarks on a journey in an attempt to find her mother who left her as a child.

Despite the unsettling nature of Marren’s circumstances, the film is truly beautiful. From the cinematography to the soundtrack, throughout the whole movie, the aesthetics are breathtaking. Every shot felt very intentional and so visually interesting to watch especially in the more disturbing scenes. You feel like you’re witnessing something you are not supposed to and it evokes an unsettling feeling. Sometimes the gore was too disturbing, so throughout the movie, I had to turn it off and take a break.

Russel’s performance is truly crushing, she skillfully portrays Marren’s struggles and feelings of isolation. The film also serves as a powerful metaphor for addiction. Marren’s uncontrollable urges, which drive everyone away and cast her as dangerous, mirror the struggles of addiction. I think that this underlying theme is what makes this movie from just a horror story to something more interesting. Cannibalism movies are often seen as controversial and a quick attention grab, this is what makes “Bones and All” so groundbreaking. The desire to feed on people is more than some sick urge, but something part of you that no matter what you do you can’t control.

Another meaningful topic “Bones and All” explores is forbidden and fated love. This is shown when Marren meets Lee (Timothee Chalamet), another person dealing with similar struggles, and she instantly finds companionship and comfort in his presence. The relationship between the two is one of the most intimate I’ve ever watched. Both actors did a superb job of immersing the viewer in the story. Every scene felt like I was interrupting a moment between the two. That in my opinion is what made watching this film the most heartbreaking. From the start the film highlights how Marren will forever hurt the people around her, even causing her dad to leave her, so every moment they have together feels precious and bittersweet.

One of my favorite details throughout the movie is when Marren listens to a recording her father gave her before he left. The recordings serve as an interesting tool in the movie. It provides a perspective on the toll of her actions we wouldn’t get otherwise. When Marren gets more and more disconnected from society as she travels the county leaving behind a trail of bodies, the recordings are a reminder to the viewer and Marren herself of the pain she inflicts on others. As a viewer, we never get to see the aftermath of her actions and this narrative gives a unique and refreshing perspective. It’s details like this that make “Bones and All’ so masterfully done and interesting to watch.

Overall, “Bones and All” masterfully explores themes of intimacy, addiction, and forbidden love in a captivating way. It challenges the viewer to confront the darker aspects of human nature while providing moments of beauty and tenderness amidst the horror.

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