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Fashion Friday

This week’s Fashion Friday is Eliam Rosenberg!
Ionie Steudle

Rosenberg works a head-to-toe monochrome blue outfit with black accents in the shoes and scarf. He tied the look together cohesively with a blending of the two colors to create a balance within the outfit.

It is very hard not to buy fast fashion in today’s day and age. The clothes are very accessible and cheap, so what’s not to love? Rosenberg makes it a top priority to fight this and truly think about every new item of clothing that he adds to his collection.

“I definitely pull from things I see online which can be dangerous sometimes if you’re falling into companies selling fast fashion pitfalls.” Rosenberg said. “I try to look more than just surface level at things I like and really understand why I like it or if it’s just something that’s passing fast, and I try to avoid those things.”

He has been very experimental in fashion these past few years, trying not to take it too seriously while also creating outfits that stand out. By finding a way to merge two pieces of clothing that you wouldn’t normally think of or matching funky glasses with a button-up shirt, Rosenberg makes each outfit unique and his own.

“I always try to have one thing l’m wearing be kind of special or something that stands out,” Rosenberg said.

“Because I think that’s what really takes a very nice put together outfit.”

Rosenberg mostly gets outfit inspiration from his friends and the people around him. His friends go on trips together to thrift stores around Michigan, which Rosenberg finds to be a very fun social activity.

“We really push each other to experiment in different areas,” Rosenberg said. “We also make up themed days where it’ll be a little secret but we’re all wearing something matching and it just you know adds some spice to high school life.”

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Ionie Steudle
Ionie Steudle, Journalist
Ionie Steudle is a Junior at Community High School and this is her first semester on the yearbook staff. She enjoys sewing new clothes out of old ones, doing theater, talking to friends, ripping her closet apart to try to find an outfit to wear, and playing the guitar. She is also very fond of any and all animals (so keep your pets hidden…). Ionie can not wait for the weather to start changing, and finally be able to drink hot coffee
Jacqueline Boynton
Jacqueline Boynton, Journalist
Jacqueline Boynton is a junior at Community and is in her first semester on staff. Though it's her first semester on the Communicator, she was The Midnight Sun's social media editor last year. She likes doing theater, singing and traveling during her free time. She loves musicals and traveling to her favorite place, Chicago.

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