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Readers Write: Piper Cooke

Reflecting on a lifetime of roadtrips and the resilience that can be found in endurance.
William Militzer

When I was 8 months old, myself and my family of five embarked on a journey that would define our lives in more ways than we could have imagined. Packed tightly into a gray 2008 Honda Odyssey, we set out from the familiar streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and headed westward to the enchanting landscapes of Boulder, Colorado — a move spanning a vast distance of 24 hours by road.

From that moment on, we lived in two worlds separated by miles of open plains, towering mountains and endless highways. Commuting between Boulder and Ann Arbor became more than just a logistical challenge; it became a testament to resilience, adaptability and the enduring bonds of family.

Twice a year, we bid farewell to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and embarked on the arduous journey back to the maize and blue of Michigan.

The monotony of highways and rest stops became familiar landmarks, while the anticipation of reuniting with friends and family fueled our spirits.

The distance between Boulder and Ann Arbor catalyzed growth, pushing us beyond the confines of our comfort zones and instilling a sense of adaptability in us. We learned to cherish the fleeting moments of togetherness, knowing that our time in each place was precious and finite.

As the odometer ticked away the miles, we found solace in the rhythm of the road. The long stretches of highway offered ample time for introspection and reflection, fostering deep conversations and shared laughter that bound us together tighter with each passing mile. We became seasoned travelers, adept at navigating literal and metaphorical crossroads, finding strength in our collective journey. Each passing road trip reinforced that home was not confined to a single location but found in the shared experiences and memories we created. Everything is only one road trip away.

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Piper Cooke
Piper Cooke, Journalist
Piper Cooke is a sophomore at Community High School looking forward to her first semester on the Communicator staff. When she isn't listening to music or enjoying quality time with her friends, she can be found walking in nature and exploring new ideas. Piper has always been drawn to medical science and cannot wait for what this semester brings.

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