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Milk & Froth Review

Founded in Detroit, Milk & Froth is a local gourmet ice cream shop serving small batches of handmade, vegan and classic dairy ice creams.
Jonathan Carter

Milk & Froth was born from a passion for ice cream and a desire to bring joy to the community. What started as a humble ice cream truck quickly grew into a local sensation, drawing crowds with its unique flavors and dedication to quality. The co-owners, Alexis Matteson and Deion Cao, poured their hearts into every batch, experimenting with ingredients and recipes until they perfected their craft.

The decision to establish a kitchen at the Eastern Market was a pivotal moment for Milk & Froth. It allowed them to expand their production while staying true to their roots. The bustling atmosphere of the market infused their creations with a vibrant energy, attracting even more customers, eager to experience the magic of Milk & Froth. With each scoop, they captured the essence of Detroit: bold, innovative, and full of flavor.

When tasting a scoop of the Sea Salt Butter Cake ice cream flavor, each bite was full of flavor and had an individual piece of the butter cake that melted in the mouth. The sea salt added a much-needed contrast to the sweetness of the butter cake pieces.

Milk & Froth currently has two permanent locations, one in Detroit inside the historic Bhur Building and one here in Ann Arbor on S Main St. Additionally, Milk & Froth offers over seven main flavors, including salted caramel, pecan butter brittle, and matcha pistachio, with four non-dairy options available. Some of those options are coffee & cream and peppermint patty. The cost of a single scope is $5, with add-ons being either a waffle cone for an additional $1 or additional scopes being $3 respectivly. So in terms of value per scope, it’s abysmal and probably not worth $5 in my opinion. However, Milk & Froth is handcrafted, and the flavors are unique and delicious.

It very much depends on your personal tastes, wants and needs in an ice cream scoop. A person looking for value will probably pass out after hearing the cost of a single scoop of ice cream. And conclude that it isn’t worth the price when you can get the same thing at other ice cream shops for (a little bit cheaper) or a whole pint of ice cream from a store for less than a single serving at Milk & Froth. Others will appreciate and happily pay for the speciality-crafted ice cream— one of those people being me. But again, it depends on the individual person.

Today, Milk & Froth stands as a beacon of artisanal excellence in the heart of Detroit and beyond. Their commitment to using only the finest ingredients sets them apart in an industry dominated by mass production. Customers can taste the difference in every bite, knowing that each cone represents hours of dedication and passion. As they continue to push the boundaries of traditional ice cream.

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