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Humans of Community: Kennedy McDonald

What are you hopeful for?

“Right now, I’m hopeful that I’ll pass my math class. It’s kind of been that way for me since the fourth grade. I just didn’t get along with math last semester, so hopefully this semester will bring a new good grade. I’m also hopeful that I’ll make the bus tomorrow on time so that I won’t be late for school. I don’t want to miss Women’s Lit with Emma! That would be a shame. I usually take bus five in the morning right to Blake, and then I just walk here. This schedule is new for me actually. I love Community so much. Because I get a bus pass, I can take one whenever I want. Taking the bus is fun, I get to make a lot of new friends there. Being new at Community, I have to self motivate myself to do things and get places. No one is telling me to do my homework or not skip school. I want to take Harlem Ren and other literature classes, but I also hope to graduate early. I would like to take advantage of the CR program and take one or two at U of M or at some other college nearby. I think that would be fun. I’d like to take more science classes, like a more specific Chemistry or Biology class like Botany. I would also like to continue dancing in the future. I’d like to keep dancing my whole life, especially ballet. I want to go to a college that lets me do that.”

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Fina Kutcher
Fina Kutcher, Journalist
Fina Kutcher is a junior at CHS, and she is in her 3rd semester on staff. When she isn’t busy with schoolwork, she can usually be found listening to music, hanging out with friends, or baking. She also loves dancing, and spends time almost every day at the studio practicing and rehearsing. She is stoked to be spending another semester on the Communicator staff!
Kyrie Garwood
Kyrie Garwood, Journalist
Kyrie is a junior at Community and is in her first semester on staff. When she's not at CHS you can probably find her at Pioneer where she dives, plays basketball, and plays softball. On the rare occasion, she's not at Pioneer she enjoys going to the movies with friends, playing Euchre, and working as a lifeguard at Vet's Pool. Kyrie is eager to write and share important stories about those in our community.

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