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The Biggest Girl Group You’ve Never Heard Of

Into the giant new group that challenges the K-pop norm.

From the mind of creative genius Jaden Jeong, producer of LOONA,comes a new girl group with an unique concept: fans create the subunits that the members perform in and vote on the songs that the group releases. K-pop is a heavily manufactured industry, so this idea may seem too risky. Are fans really capable of leading a group to success? Thanks to Jeong’s project, known as the Idol of All Possibilities, Seoul Sonyo Sound or simply as tripleS, we are going to find out.


Every season, fans will vote to select the members of a new subunit, referred to by Jeong’s company Modhaus as a Dimension, that will debut with a concept different from those the group has tried before. So far, there have been five subunits: Acid Angel from Asia (which went viral for their perfect execution of a teen crush concept in Generation), (KR)ystal Eyes, Acid Eyes, LOVElution, EVOLution, NXT and Aria. An album was released in February 2023 with all of the members at the time, and an album with all 24 members was released on May 8.

Fans vote on the group’s activities through Modhaus’s app cosmos, where fans can purchase Gravity, which act as tickets to vote on different elements of the group. The app also has an interesting feature, where those who have purchased a physical album can scan a QR code on the back of their photocardhe app loads a digital copy of your photocard that you can take selfies with. Modhaus has adopted the Objekt and Gravity features in their newest group ARTMS (pronounced like Artemis).ARTMs is composed entirely of former LOONA members, and will likely use this technology to interact with their fans


tripleS explores many genres, but their sound is distinctive: all of their songs have that tripleS feel. tripleS’s songs feature experimental sounds such as hyperpop, dubstep, and several Japanese genres and combine these unique genres with fantasy-inspired storytelling. Each album has a distinct story told through their songs and music videos, and each story is a continuation of the last one. heir latest title track, “Girls Never Die,”

Their concept is strongly reminiscent of LOONA’s, which is fitting given they share a creative team. Other than Jeong, who assists in producing every song, tripleS’s songs feature credits from artists such as HEIZE, Alina Smith (ITZY’s “In the morning”), G-High (TAEYEON’s “I” and “Fine”), MLC (ZEROBASE1’s “In Bloom”), Sofia Vivere (LE SSERAFIM’s “EASY”), Justin Reinstein (GFRIEND’S “MAGO”), Anymasingga (CHUNG HA’s “Stay Tonight” and “PLAY”) and Maria Marcus (Jungkook’s “Stay Alive”).

tripleS has 24 members from five countries: South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand. They have an age range of 13-23 with an average age of 18. For comparison, NewJeans and ILLIT also have an average age of 18. Their members, in order from oldest to youngest, are Kim YooYeon (Korean), Mayu (Japanese), Xinyu (Chinese), Kim NaKyoung (Korean), Park SoHyun (Korean), Seo DaHyun (Korean), Nien (Taiwanese), Yoon SeoYeon (Korean), JiYeon (Korean), Kotone (Japanese), Kim ChaeYeon (Korean), Gong YuBin (Korean), Lee JiWoo (Korean), Kaede (Japanese), Park ShiOn (Korean), Lynn (Japanese), Sullin (Thai), Jeong HyeRin (Korean), Kim ChaeWon (Korean), Jeong HaYeon (Korean), Kim SooMin (Korean), Kwak YeonJi (Korean), Joo Bin (Korean), and SeoAh (Korean).

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