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Finding his sound

Finding his sound

Jordan De Padova May 6, 2020

CHS junior Finn Kilbride sat in his bedroom as a soon-to-be highschool freshman, watching a livestream hosted by an up and coming music producer, Ian Diorr. His eyes darted across the screen, working indefatigably...

“The Half of It” Review

Geneve Thomas-Palmer May 6, 2020

Alice Wu’s “The Half of It,” a Netflix original, examines issues of identity through a story of teenage love and friendship, inspired by events in the director’s young life. The story follows...

“Gimme Love”

Joey Simon April 29, 2020

Japanese-Australian singer Joji has made quite a name for himself with his mellow sound and sad lyrics. Though he previously attained millions of YouTube subscribers producing shock comedy under the name...

Album Review: Doja Cat's

Album Review: Doja Cat’s “Hot Pink”

Sophia Scarnecchia April 29, 2020

Doja Cat, a songwriter and rapper, has definitely made a name for herself in 2019 and 2020. With help from social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, her musical career has excelled. On Nov. 9, 2019,...

“Eternal Atake” Album Review

April 22, 2020

Symere Woods, aka Lil Uzi Vert, has finally delivered his album “Eternal Atake.” Originally announced in 2018, fans have waited for nearly two years for Uzi’s newest release. The hype and mystery...

Art through quarantine: Ryan Thomas-Palmer's piece on Greta Thunberg

Art through quarantine: Ryan Thomas-Palmer’s piece on Greta Thunberg

Geneve Thomas-Palmer April 21, 2020

In recent years, art has provided Ryan Thomas-Palmer with relief from the stress and anxiety she battles. With COVID-19 cases in the United States growing exponentially, a lack of sufficient testing...

“BLAME IT ON BABY” Album Review

Samuel Dannug, Journalist April 17, 2020

North Carolina Rapper DaBaby takes the stage once again with “BLAME IT ON BABY,” an aggressive, modern trap album boasting banger after banger. It’s the rapper’s third studio album and an important...

This art piece by Ryan Thomas-Palmer shows Marta, the protagonist, in the reflection of a knife, holding a mug that reads

Knives out analysis: An allegory for America

Geneve Thomas-Palmer April 14, 2020

*Spoiler warning* “Knives Out” has all the elements of a typical murder mystery and a modern twist: the story is told through the eyes of an immigrant nurse, Marta Cabrera, who plays by her own...



Jenna Jarjoura April 11, 2020
On a warm night this past week, I sat down with my family to watch a movie recommended to us by our cousins. All we knew was that it was a story about a man that knew The Beatles’ songs and nobody else did. But, it turned out to be so much more.

“Welcome to Commie High” Comes Out

Lucy Tobier April 6, 2020

Community High School may not have an official school color or any sports teams, but it does have a feature length documentary. “Welcome to Commie High,” directed by filmmaker Donald Harrison of 7...

Song Review:

Song Review: “City Of Angels” by 24k Goldn

Zack Schueler February 25, 2020

San Francisco’s local artist, 24k Goldn is an up and coming artist and is trending on apple music and spotify searches. The song, “City Of Angels” wasn’t noticed as much as his other songs. However,...

Album Review:

Album Review: “Changes” by Justin Bieber

Sophia Scarnecchia February 24, 2020

Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber has been a musical icon in the music industry since 2009. Since then he has come out with five studio albums all ranging with different styles and sounds. However, on Feb....

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