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Kids Queer-ies: What is …

Art by Ryan Thomas-Palmer.
Geneve Thomas-Palmer 4 days ago

Disclaimer: Much of the queer experience and queer indentity does not exist in black-and-white and it is hard for many queer people to definitively explain or categorize things about themselves or their...

Unselfie: Tai Tworek

When the pandemic started, I found myself with excess free time, which resulted in long visits with family members. However, as life has started to pick up again at full speed, many high-risk individuals are still living under extreme precautions. My photo was taken after a long weekend away in Indiana for soccer and visiting with my grandma. Because of the virus, I can't go in her room anymore, so I sit in the hall to visit with her. The pandemic made me realize the importance of carving time for people I care about, even when things get hectic.
Tai Tworek January 7, 2021

Women in Jazz: Leah Van Der Velde

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer.
Ria Lowenschuss December 18, 2020

Leah Van Der Velde’s family has always prioritized music. Van Der Velde grew up surrounded by the strums of a ukulele and the groans of a church organ; her grandfather was a ukulele player in college...

Unselfie: Henry Connor

Once the pandemic began I knew I needed to take advantage of it. I didn’t want to fall behind, I really wanted to stay active. The picture above shows me tying my running shoes getting ready for another run. Running to me is a nice escape from the real world. I go on a run to clear my mind and to help my body stay healthy. I started running around a few weeks after quarantine began. It was the hardest at first because I would need to take walk breaks and would often feel discouraged, However I noticed that the more I ran, the easier it was. I always felt better by the end of the day on the days that I would run, I felt good about the change I was making to my life. I would definitely recommend running to everyone reading this. It truly has had a positive impact on me and I am so thankful for it.
Henry Connor December 16, 2020

Unseflie: Anjali Kakarla

Unseflie: Anjali Kakarla
Anjali Kakarla December 14, 2020

I was standing on my deck today and looking at my shadow. While I was standing there it occurred to me that if a person just looked at the shadow not the owner of the shadow, they would have...

Women in Jazz: Stevie Dumitrascu

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer.
Ria Lowenschuss December 10, 2020

Stevie Dumitrascu spent her childhood looking up to her older brother and his musical passions. She remembers going to his choir concerts when she was young, watching him sing his heart out on a big auditorium...

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