The Communicator

The Communicator

The Communicator

Day in the Life of a Student Athlete
Kyrie Garwood January 25, 2024

Winter Break Plans
December 22, 2023

CHS Students Guess Peoples' #1 Artist on Spotify Based Only On A Photo
Morgan McClease December 19, 2023

Scenes From Opening Day Ceremony
Leila Durrie August 28, 2023
View video clips of CHS's 2023-24 Opening Day Ceremony here.
Fashion Friday: Abbi Bachman
Morgan McClease February 2, 2024

New Years Resolutions
Jasper Forgey January 24, 2024

Michigan Football at the Michigan Theater
Kyrie Garwood January 6, 2024

Michigan Football fans celebrated the final seconds of Michigan Football’s National Championship win over The University of Washington at the...

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