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Alice Held


April 11, 2014

Happy birthday Isabel!

Happy birthday Isabel!

October 3, 2013

Local Adults and Students Learn The Value of An Often-Misrepresented Insects

Isabel Sandweiss

November 13, 2012

The intoxicating array of bright colors, sugary candies, and sticky fruits on the Community High School back lawn during lunch often attracts many scavenging bees. However, their presence is rarely welcomed. Generally, the relationship...

Ian Kelpetar Bikes for a Cause

Brienne O’Donnell, Isabel Sandweiss, Sarah Zimmerman

November 9, 2012

He slowly opened the dirt-encrusted plastic milk carton filled with dried green leaves, poured some into a small ceramic cup, and added water. He stirred it with a reusable metal straw, and began to sip his exotic drink. The steaming...

Isabel Sandweiss