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Dancing with Judith

Dancing with Judith
Meghana Tummala and Elijah Shore March 15, 2019

On March 8, during lunchtime at Community High School not everyone was eating, instead, they were dancing. Students and teachers alike piled into the first-floor dance body room as they learned how to...

Judith Halloween 2005

Judith Halloween 2005
Kailyn McGuire October 12, 2016

Liz and Judith

Liz and Judith
Sophia Werthmann and Anurima Kumar March 2, 2016

An endeavor through old yearbooks reveals Judith (center) and Liz (right) from 1994 on opening day.

Free Verse Needs Submissions

Eva Hattie L. Schueler November 1, 2012

Community High's student literary publication, Free Verse, is in need of submissions if there is to be a magazine first semester. However, Judith DeWoskin said this is the usual pattern for submissions....

Street Style: Fashion in Kerrytown

Judith rocks a sassy velvet-flowered coat.
Maggie Sowder and Hannah Hesseltine March 29, 2011

Judith DeWoskin      

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