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David Vahey: A picture-perfect journey

Photography Courtesy of David Vahey
Owen Kelley November 20, 2019

A “GoPro” performance camera and a trip to Utah was all that 14-year-old David Vahey needed to create his first video. It was nothing complicated, just a few sunsets and a couple of ski slopes,...

Tech Week in Pictures

Several half-finished trees sit on stage, with several crew members working in the background.
November 10, 2017

With only a week until the first performance of their musical, Community Ensemble Theatre’s tech crews had to jump into overdrive to finish everything in time. “Into the Woods,” the first production...

Lansing Protest: Photos and Rev. Jesse Jackson

An officer scans the crowd as the line of police that attempted to clear the street is surrounded. From here they moved to the front of the George W. Romney building, preventing protestors from entering.
Thomas Repasky December 13, 2012

Roughly 13,000 people showed up to the protest in Lansing, at the Capitol Building, on Dec. 11. When I arrived around 11:00 AM there was a steady stream of people leaving but also others coming to take...

Strassel’s Stressed: Quinn on Set of CET’s Evita

Quinn straightens out some details, at a 10 out of 10 on 10/30/12. The day before, October 29, he hit 11.
Thomas Repasky October 9, 2012

Quinn Strassel, director of Community Ensemble Theatre, works too hard and takes on too much stress with each play or musical performed by CET. These photos track his stress, along side a Strassel’s...

Brady Hoke

Hoke comes to Michigan after turning around the programs at Ball State and San Diego State.
Jesse Buchsbaum January 18, 2011


Eliza Stein and the Pioneer field hockey team hoist a state championship trophy for the fifth straight year.
Jesse Buchsbaum December 10, 2009

Sports Gallery

Jesse Buchsbaum December 10, 2009

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