The Evashevski Clan Conquers Ann Arbor for Forum Day


Ken Ball, Oliver Hill, Christian Koch, and Matias Hänninen snuggle up on the couch at Marion’s house to relax after the exhausting hunt around town.

Friday May 21st was Forum Day at Community High School. Though the sky was filled with rain, all of the forums excitedly got ready for their respective trips. However, for Marion Evashevski’s forum, the excitement seemed to be lacking. The forum was to head downtown where they would be split into groups and given a list of wacky objects to collect as fast as possible. This idea didn’t seem nearly as fun as it had in the days before when the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. Nevertheless, each group set out, umbrellas and rain coats in tow, determined to return victorious.

The scavenger hunt started with tasks that could be completed at Community, such as a picture of someone on a swing and Kevin’s parking spot number. The list then lead groups away from the school to collect a church flier, a napkin from a local restaurant with its name/logo on it, a pen from a bank, a box of macaroni and cheese, a subscription insert from a magazine, a map of Ann Arbor, a Pinball Pete’s token, and many more goofy things from downtown. The wetness of the rain was soon forgotten as the groups hurried to be the first to finish.

The scavenger hunt ended at Marion’s house for hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and time to hangout. There were three prizes awarded to the group that was first to complete the hunt and arrive at Marion’s house, the group that didn’t use any hints, and the group that cooperated the best. Each group presented Marion with everything they were able to collect, then reunited with the forum as a whole.

“It was fun… a good idea,” said freshman Denny Carter of the scavenger hunt. Senior Leanna Coleman felt bittersweet about the day saying “I’m going to miss Marion and our forum.” None the less she still had a good time adding, “It was a great experience. I got to bond with people in my forum that I’ve never really talked to.”

Coleman isn’t the only one leaving at the end of the year; our very own Marion Evashevski has decided to retire. “I like the fact that we stayed close… [and] I think the kids had fun,” Evashevski said of the day. Evashevski has had a forum at Community for 18 years and has planned many trips. “We’ve done a lot of stuff… this was a nice, low key way to finish it [all] up.”