Forum Day: The Kulka Trip to Chicago


Two Kulka Forum Students standing outside of the Museum of Modern Art

Laura Waltje

The suitcases are lined up, expectantly waiting to be picked up by the Kulka forum students who are wandering into their room at the beginning of lunch.  They are here because it is the day before forum day, the day picked out as the starting day for their trip to Chicago.

After a four hour train ride they arrive in Chicago, and after a first walk at the city they arrive at the youth hostel.  It was a very free trip that at the same time strengthened the connections in the forum, with activities like a joined picnic, visits to the field museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and a celebration of Ed’s birthday.

Through the trip everyone also had time to explore area’s of the city like Grand Park and Millennium Park, the Magnificent Mile and Water Tower Place.

It was a wonderful trip and a great way to spend Forum Day.