Forum Council Meeting 10/7/10


Steve Coron

Steve Coron

This week’s forum council meeting  consisted of three major topics. The first of these being Multi Cultural day, or as it is more commonly known, Multi Culti. This year’s Multi Culti day is to take place on November 23d, although forums must select their theme before the deadline: November 1st. Many new rules for Multi Culti were layed down today also, including the rule that forums must pick a real culture to represent this year. This rule will eliminate past “cultures” such as tailgating, the circus and Harry Potter. Also, forums must thoroughly research for their culture, and all forums will be given a short survey at the end of Multi Culti for feedback.

Another theme discussed today was the waste that is accumulated during Multi Culti from all of the decorations (mostly paper) that forums make. Also, in the past, many forums have taken supplies like paint or paper from the Art Department to decorate their room with. This year, no materials are to be taken from the Art Department, and all decorations must be recyclable and come from somewhere outside of school.

Finally, the issues of the all school picture and the yearbook were discussed. Due to budget cuts, the Yearbook class was cut from the Art Department’s classes, and currently, there is no Yearbook program running. To solve this issue, council decided that Yearbook should be offered in the form of a club. As for the all school picture, it is to take place on Monday, October 11th. Council also discussed the possibility of selling the all school picture as a fundraiser to collect money for forum council.