Reaching Out to Japan


For Hsiao, the earthquake hit him personally as well.

Danny Langa


Andy Hsiao has designed this T-shirt to benefit the relief effort in Japan.
“I have relatives in Japan. Two of my uncles live there and are doctors. I have a lot of friends there too since I went to school there. It really means a lot to me,” said Andy Hsiao, a freshman at Huron High School.
On March 11th, 2011 at around 2:45 pm off the northern coast of Japan, a massive earthquake shook the shores of Japan. The quake was measure 9.0 on the Richter scale and was categorized as a megathrust earthquake.


The earthquake lasted six minutes and triggered a tsunami of 30 foot waves and extreme destruction. Japan is devastated to say the least. According to the Japanese National Police Agency, 9,080 are dead, 2,675 are injured and 13,561 are missing.

Numerous organizations and people have reached out to the country to help ease the pain including local charities.

Well known singers and bands such as U2, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj as well as many other notable artists have released a charity album for the relief effort. The album, “Songs For Japan”, is the top album on iTunes. All the proceeds are going to the Japanese Red Cross.

For Hsiao, the earthquake hit him personally as well.

Charities and donations have also come from local and lesser-know sources. Hsiao has made an effort to help Japan. He designed and is selling t-shirts to make money to give to the Rotary Japan Disaster Relief Aid.

“The disaster was huge and it affected Japan a lot. It was the biggest earthquake ever recorded [in Japan]. I thought I would like to help out by selling these t-shirts for $10 that say “Go Japan” in Japanese,” Hsiao has already made over $1200 and sold more than 200 t-shirt. His numbers are climbing rapidly. Hsiao is hoping the number of t-shirts sold will reach 300 by the time he is done selling them.

He is being supported by the Ann Arbor Rotary Club and his family. T-shirts are available to people in the Ann Arbor and Okemos areas.

T-shirts are being sold on the website that Hsiao created. Preordering will end on April 1st. T-shirts will be handed out and can be bought as well on the week April 11th at various locations around the Ann Arbor and Okemos area. Donations are welcome as well.

Hsiao said if this round of t-shirt selling is successful, he will consider doing it again later in April.

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