CHS Field Day 2011


Located outside Dean Jen’s office on the second floor, this is the bracket organizing the Field Day competition.

Located outside Dean Jen's office on the second floor, this is the bracket organizing the Field Day competition.

“We need 250 eggs,” said Kevin Davis, Community Assistant and 2011 Community High School Field Day planner, into his cell phone.  Any other day, this phone conversation may seem anything but ordinary, but with Field Day only a few days away, this call is one of many made to plan the CHS tradition.

The egg-toss is one activity in the midst of many others, including the eight-man relay, the mile run, the wheelbarrow race, and the sack run.  The clothes relay,  and unsuccessful activity from last year will not be included this year.  This last day for seniors is one day that the whole school looks forward to as the school year comes to an end.  Davis describes this final event as “one big CHS family reunion.”

There will be one major change this year.  This year, Delhi Park will not be the location of this year’s Field Day.  There is roadwork blocking the park entrance, so to increase ease of use, CHS students will be bussed to a park that is to be announced.  Kevin explained that he didn’t want students planting water guns or balloons before the start of field day.

Still, Friday is expected to be an exciting day for all forums.  The Kulka forum, who currently holds the title is expected to have major competition from the Stapelton forum in the school-wide tug-of-war.  Buses arrive at 8:30am at the park, where the competition will begin.  Food will be available after, and the competition is expected to be finished at 1:00pm. predicts rain all morning tomorrow.  In case of thunder and lightning, CHS students are required to stay at school for Field Day.