Community High Sees Yet Another Successful Forum Day


Ella Bourland and Helen Januszewski

The Landrum forum camping at Island Lake Park.

On Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, Community High School’s forums participated in a variety of activities for the biannual CHS forum day. From those willing to camp in the chilly September weather to the less adventurous who bonded over movies or lock-ins at CHS, fall forum day is the first chance for forums to get to know each other. The following were this year’s forum day activities:

The Kulka forum had a pancake breakfast at Community on forum day.

Banks: Camping at Crooked Lake, Pinckney

Coron: A night at Steve’s House, in Ypsilanti

Dudley: Camping at Fecteau Cabin, Pinckney

DeWoskin: Camping at Hudson Mills

El-Hussieny: Canoing at Gallup Park

Flores: Breakfast at Northside Grill, and a trip to Gallup Park

Johnson: Community High lock-in

Kulka: Zap Zone, breakfast at school, and scavenger hunt

Landrum: Camping at Island Lake

Levin: Trip to the Toledo Zoo

McGraw: Camping at Green Lake

Laurel Landrum's forum enjoyed their camping trip to Island Lake last week.

Root: Camping at a forum member’s cabin in Howell

Rosewarne: Camping at Howell Nature Center

Simmer: Camping at Simmer’s cottage in Lexington

Stapleton: Lock-in at CHS on November 11.

Stern: Day at Hunt Park

Strassel: Community High lock-in

Thomas: Camping at Hudson Mills

Tuzinsky: Camping at Waterloo Recreational Area

Mosher:  Sleepover at forum member’s house, scavenger hunt downtown, and lunch at the Union.