Song of the Day: “Ackrite” by Dr. Dre

This winter is already shaping up to be colder than Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1997. I’m talking Mr. Freeze cold. Ice Age cold. That means less time spent walking around outside and more time spent driving around in the car. For those of you looking out for some fresh new music to blast in your stereos, I’ve got the answer. “Ackrite”, the 20th track off of Dr. Dre’s record “2001” is exactly what you need to get your vehicle bumping. The beat on the song is so simple, however, the funky, metallic bass bounces harder than anything you’ve ever heard. While Dre doesn’t actually rhyme over this track, seldom-talked-about rapper Hittman delivers a verse rawer than an Ann Arbor juice bar. The rhymes are not the most linguistically sophisticated, but the vivid imagery they create makes up for their simplicity. “Ackrite” manages to perfectly capture the G-Funk sound (meaning if you’re looking for something Funky-Get it). This album had the tough job of following up “The Chronic”, which is widely known as Dre’s masterpiece. However, “2001” was more of a sophomore slam than a sophomore slump. The beats have a lot of clarity, and really showcase Dre’s skill as a producer. This is the ultimate jam to ride to on your sub-zero journey around the streets of Ann Arbor.

Keep it real,