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“Eternal Sunshine” Review

Ariana’s album not only breaks through the charts and sparks talk with her new and improved album, but also controversy.
Eternal Sunshine Review

From her iconic ponytail to her angelic voice, Ariana Grande has been a household name for years; her albums and new releases effortlessly hit the top of the Billboard 100 every time.

After three long years for Arianators, she finally released a new album: “Eternal Sunshine.”, consisting of 13 tracks with a total length of 36 minutes. Grande also released a “slightly deluxe” version that contains 17 tracks with a run time of 48 minutes.
Not diverting from her usual essence, this album is classified as pop and R&B.

Before she released the full album, Grande released her first single in three years: “Yes, and?” This song quickly rose to the top of her most streamed on Apple Music, currently holding seventh place.

In one of her most popular songs off the album: “We Can’t be friends (wait for Your Love),” Grande expresses her feelings about being unable to remain friends with someone she loves. This song contains the lyrics “I don’t like how you paint me, yet I’m still here hanging.” The phrase “paint me” refers to being led on and not progressing, relationship-wise. Grande’s statement, “I’m still here hanging,” expresses her inability to move on from the person she loves. This line, out of the entire song, strikes me as the most relatable.

In the chorus, Grande emphasizes that “we can’t be friends,” expressing her irritation that she feels unheard. This sentiment runs throughout the song, which is straight to the point, using metaphors to convey clear and meaningful feelings.

Standing out especially is the song “Supernatural (ft. Troye Sivan)”, speaking volumes. It provides confidence in who I am and what I want, but it induces a vulnerable sensation in my heart.

Speaking my opinion and letting someone know I want our relationship to be more than simply an acquaintance is difficult for me because generally I’m withdrawn, especially when I overthink what they will make of me afterward.

“Supernatural” is relatable. It’s touching, yet not sentimentally. It’s sincere and expresses the feeling of absolutely wanting someone, practically needing them, and they know it too. They have the same feelings at heart but won’t reveal them, and Ariana displays the mild annoyance of yearning for the person of desire.

At the beginning of the song, she displays frustration by explaining that while they are both uncommitted, she is indifferent. She doesn’t mind that her passion for this person is eating her up in a “supernatural” way, which is the song’s major premise.

This love is all-consuming, taking up most of her mind, yet she doesn’t mind “the fall”; “the fall” refers to her growing affection for this person.

She finds it thrilling to be in love like this, to care so deeply, and she lets it happen. It’s supernatural.

Overall, the album delivered on its promises with strong vocals and savvy, relatable lyrics. This album was a fantastic comeback from Grande’s recent conflict and criticism, which was exactly what we needed from her.

This album is a “screw you” to all of the current rumors in the media, as well as to everyone who has ever doubted her, from being accused and criticized for faking her vocals in her next film “Wicked,” and her sudden personality shift.

We love the raw emotion, the harmonies, and the flawlessness of her music. Ari is back and isn’t holding back.

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