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“Training Season” Review

Dua Lipa released another single after debuting the song at the Grammys.

Metal pole structures adorned a stage being watched by over 16 million people. Dua Lipa and her posse of GRAMMY dancers performed “Houdini” and “Training Season,” which had not previously been heard by listeners.
“Training Season” was then released for streaming on Feb. 15. February was a big month for Lipa with “Training Season” and “Argylle” coming out. Lipa acted in the movie “Argylle” and displayed similar dance moves to those seen on stage during the Grammys and the BRIT awards.

Men swarm Lipa in the “Training Season” music video. With exasperated expressions, Lipa makes it clear that she is done “training” these men.

“Are you someone that I can give my heart to? Or just the poison that I’m drawn to?” said Lipa in “Training Season.” These lyrics invoke a sense of exhaustion with relationships that are worse for one person than for the other.

Lipa’s other titles like “Boys Will Be Boys” and “Future Nostalgia” have similar feminist themes. Her lyrics declare higher standards for men, especially in relationships. Lipa has had many rumored relationships, one after another, which could add to her frustration with being treated poorly by men as well as her frustration with the paparazzi.

Lipa has a history of paparazzi disputes. She has been sued multiple times for posting photos of herself on social media that were taken by reporters. Though she may not own the rights to the photos taken by other people, these cases stir up ethical confusion as to whether famous women own their faces.

“Training Season” and “Houdini” will be part of Lipa’s next album. A release date has not yet been announced but listeners should look out for more musical activism from Lipa.

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