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“Vultures 1” Review

I miss the old Kanye.
Vultures 1 Review

Kanye West released his most recent album on Feb 9, 2024, titled “Vultures 1.” Kanye has been nominated for more than 70 Grammys, winning 24. His array of songs have placed first more than 100 times on Billboard’s Top 100s list. Nevertheless, this album felt different.

“Vultures 1” takes on a rough, unnatural vibe. In the sixth song, “Hoodrat,” Kanye starts off the song by repeating the word “Hoodrat ” over and over with periodic screams. The verses feel dystopian and unnatural compared to his past albums: “Watch the Throne,” “Graduation” and “Late Registration.” These previous albums felt harmonic and poetic, often telling a story, as well as displaying his lyrical ability and talent for rapping. This lack of storytelling and lyricism made “Vulture 1” less meaningful and appealing.

Another aspect that was a major disappointment, but not a surprise, was the anti-semitic and overall out-of-pocket lyrics. Rap music, in particular, has exceptions for socially unacceptable phrases and sayings, allowing the artists to express the truest versions of their music. In some of the lyrics, Kanye crossed this line and stepped into an area of hatefulness. In his eleventh song, “Vultures,” a key verse reads, “How am I anti-semitic? I just f*cked a Jewish b*tch” This part alone blatantly shows his view on antisemitism; he almost made a joke of it by claiming he cannot be an antisemite himself because he “f*cked a Jewish b*tch.” This was just one example of Kanye’s hateful lyrics. Another one comes from his first song, “Stars”. One of the first lines goes, “Keep a few Jews on the staff now, I cash out,” Again depicting his views by saying he should keep Jews on his staff because they are good at making money–however, only a few because Jews are greedy and will hoard it.

I still appreciate Kanye’s old work. But his new personality and the style of music he has produced recently are not my favorites. I hope to see an improvement in his next release and an overall presence in society and the music industry.

I miss the old Kanye.

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Daniel Jacob, Journalist
Daniel Jacob is a freshman at CHS. This is his first semester on staff. When he is not playing tennis or spending time with family and friends, he enjoys listening to music. Their favorite album is Forever Story by JID.  You can find him taking photos around the CHS for the Communicator.  

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