35th Annual Dance Body Winter Concert


Dance Body members, dressed in all black, posed in the audience as the Jazz musicians started to play. The auditorium quieted down as the performers danced their way up to the front stage. The first dance, unlike the others had all performers performing improv.

About 20 dancers performed 15 dances on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at the 35th Annual Dance Body Winter Concert.

The outfits changed with the songs, along with the style of dance. There were dances slow and fast, performed in single solos and large groups. The performers danced to styles from ballet to hip-hop.

Hannah Chosid and Louisa Judge choreographed a dance to a mashup of many popular songs such as “Clique”, “Talk Dirty”, “Ignition” and “Work”. It was performed by eight Dance Body members, all wearing a black top, sneakers and a sweatpants. These dancers weren’t only wearing the same clothing, but also dancing in sync.

Both Grace York and Clara Keane performed separately in solo performances choreographed by themselves. York performed ballet to John Lennon’s well-known song “Imagine,” and Keane danced to “Worthy” by Jacob Banks.

Guest performers Maggie Mihaylova and Isaac Scobey-Thal used words to express their forms of art. Mihaylova performed a untitled poem, and Scobey-Thal performed a self-written song to the audience.

When the time came to turn the lights back on, all of the performers took the stage for a bow, followed by a round of applause. The audience then exited the auditorium into the sound of jazz music playing near the exit, as friends and family greeted their performers with smiles on their faces.