Woodworking Wednesdays: Cooking Special SEASON FINALE

Hello and welcome back to another Woodworking Wednesday! Carpenter Dan and I both apologize and feel entirely responsible for our absence last week. Unfortunately during the upload process to YouTube, our file was corrupted and we lost the video file. To make it up to all of our viewers, we are bringing you a special cooking episode to end this season out with a bang. A big shoutout goes out to Zingerman’s and Biercamp who both helped make this special episode possible.

As with all of our videos, safety is constantly on our mind. This season finale was no different. Beneath both of our jackets were fire resistant shirts to ensure our full safety, as the wilderness can be quite unpredictable. Fortunately, there was only one fire scare in the making of this special episode and it was quickly dealt with by Carpenter Dan and myself.

Starting a fire can seem like a daunting task to some, however with a little bit of practice, it is easy to become confident with what is a relatively simple task. The task is made even easier when proper kindling material is present. A good kindling provides a great foundation to a fire and it will make lighting a fire a much quicker and simpler process. Once the fire is really burning, it is time to begin the fun part: cooking.

As I mentioned earlier, Carpenter Dan and I are lucky enough to connect with two wonderful (and locally-owned) establishments. Both Zingerman’s and Bierkamp were eager to help us out with our endeavor into the cooking world. All of the food was delicious and made for a great meal after a long day of woodworking and firebuilding.

Thanks for watching and tune in next Thursday for the premier episode of our new series, where we detail the future of woodworking: 3D printing.