Katherine Hepburn’s “Over Easy” Goes Sunny Side Up

Photo by Ivan Soucy

Photo by Ivan Soucy

“Over Easy,” the debut album from singer-songwriter Katherine Hepburn, begins with a sound seldom heard in the modern music lexicon: the plucky resonance of a ukulele. Recorded live at the Kerrytown Concert House, Hepburn, joined on most tracks by Matt Epperson on bass and Ivan Soucy on drums, gracefully uses her voice and ukulele to create a buoyant and bright musical atmosphere.

The album has the clear sound of simplicity woven in throughout, yet it never seems to get boring or bland. On the opening track, “Hold Me,” the tone is set, with Hepburn’s voice floating smoothly over a simple chord progression. The lyrics are not complexing, often repeating the title of the song, however, the emotion in the song is still made clear. Later, on “Just Friends,” Hepburn is joined by the full band, with everybody doing an excellent job of supporting the vocalist rather than detracting from her. Even with bass and drums, the sound of Hepburn’s ukulele is still powerfully felt, as is her voice. The words on this song tell a clear narrative of falling for someone who just wants to be friends, a relatable topic. While the storytelling of the lyrics allows the listeners to put themselves in the shoes of the singer, it’s the soulful embellishments Hepburn adds in that gives the music that human quality. With songs like “Anonymous” or “Crazy Kids” the energy level is increased to give you something that could be stuck on repeat for your spring/summer anthem.

The final two tracks on this album, “Tired” and “Salty,” have a melancholy feel to them, almost as if Hepburn is sad she has to end the album. Both songs are done solo, and strongly display Hepburn’s ability to fill her lyrics with feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed this album, as it provided an excellent transition into the warm weather and sunshine.
Top tracks: Tired, Just Friends, Ninety Degrees.



Q&A With Katherine Hepburn:

So I have to ask, why the ukulele?

Well, I tried to learn how to play guitar, and it just went real bad. So I saw the ukulele, I thought it was cool, so I got one for Christmas, in like 9th grade or something.

Did it take you a long time to learn?

Not really, I picked it up pretty fast because it’s a lot smaller and the chords are easier, and there are only four strings.

What was it like recording this album live?

Well I definitely knew it was a risk… so me, Ivan and Matt tried to do some in studio before we really got to the point where we are now, and that also went kind of bad, and it didn’t really feel natural. We were having a lot of problems, so we just took a few months to actually practice every week, and then we said “Let’s just do it live, why not?”

How do you feel about playing solo in comparison to playing with a band backing you?

I definitely like both. I think there’s more pressure when you’re playing with other people because you guys have to stay together and it requires more practice. And I think, depending on the song, it is fun to go solo.

What advice would you give to other teenagers for getting their music out into the world?

Well I think we’re in the age of the internet and it’s really nice and really helpful to just kind of get yourself onto every social media site that you can because, I mean, that’s where all the young people are. That’s where people are going to see it and find you. And then, I’d also say just try to play as many shows [and] venues that you can, just get yourself out there.

What are you listening to these days?

Wow, that’s a hard question. Definitely some Thundercat. I’m into Flying Lotus and Thundercat… in preparation for summer, so that’s where I am right now.

What would your dream musical collaboration be?

Aw man, probably, Lauryn Hill. Yeah I think that would be awesome.

So you guys would both be singing?

Yeah. I would say she has a better voice than me, so that would be cool.

If you had to pick a situation for someone to be in when listening to your album, what would that situation be?

I’ve actually been thinking about this, but I think it’s definitely just a chill, relaxed, kind of… picnic in the park, just laying outside under the sun. Chill music.

So what’s next for the music of Katherine Hepburn?

Well hopefully I’ll just keep writing songs and see where that takes me. Who knows when the second album will be out, or if I’m just going to keep playing shows and whatnot.


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