Toronto 2015 Slideshow and Summary


Toronto 2015 was an incredible adventure. Witnessing the amazing physical feats that humans can do was thrilling, the highlight of my summer, and the pinnacle of my journalistic career as of yet.

There were sports to interest everyone. This event brought the Americas together, and even if that only happens every four years it was a good thing. All of the people Roxanne and I met — from the volunteers, to the officials, to the athletes and the spectators, to Rafael whom we met on the subway, and to John whom we met just walking down the street — they were incredible. We met kind people, and we had a blast with them.

The people of Toronto, Ontario, and of Canada owned these games. They pulled it off in spectacular fashion, and they were lovely to meet.

The one thing I would wish for would be a larger U.S. press presence, in some cases I was the only one–or one of two people–who was interviewing athletes, and the U.S. media should cover this event more. The United States does very well, and the event itself needs more Americans to know about it and cheer for it.

Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada, and thank you to everyone who made the Games possible. It was a pleasure to be involved with them, it truly was.