Hypocrisy is not for a President


Grace Koepele

A cartoon criticizing Carson’s hypocrisy in his views of abortion and Obamacare.

Dr. Ben Carson is unraveling to reveal his true self. The 2016 presidential candidate is currently in the running to be the Republican representative for the election.

In the election, anyone, including Carson, has a chance to become the leader of our nation, but Carson should not be that person — he is only filled with hypocrisy that he believes will satisfy the people of the United States of America. He stands for positions that will not make the world’s melting pot happy.

Just a few weeks ago on “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd asked Carson whether a president’s faith matters, to which he said: “If it fits within the realm of America and is consistent with the Constitution I have no problem.” Indirectly, that can be translated to “only Christianity follows the Constitution.” Later, he said that he said that he would neither advocate nor agree with a Muslim leading the United States. However, he states that the First Amendment speaks about our freedom to practice whatever faith we choose from any government intrusion, and that the rights to abstain from private prayer should also be protected.

John Adams, a founding father himself, said that the government of the United States is not founded on Christianity.

For Carson to say that we have the freedom to practice any faith without government intrusion, and to then state that the president cannot be Muslim is contradictory.

For Carson to say that Islam is not consistent with the Constitution does not acknowledge how Islam is the fastest growing religion in America. How can he, if he is president, cater to this with his beliefs?

For Carson to say he wants to acknowledge everyone’s religious beliefs and protect non-Christians, then act on the exact opposite, screams either Christian privilege, or hypocrisy. Both are qualities people do not want in their president.

His thoughts on abortion are also clashing. He strongly opposes the idea that abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right, but he does not support Obamacare, which would provide healthcare to poor families, including the children who would be illegal to abort if it were his choice. To him, It is okay to not support the possibly impoverished child after it is born, but it is not more important to save it before. “My medical career was devoted to protecting and enhancing the lives of children and their families,” he said. This is exactly what Obamacare’s goal is.

Carson is a man who grew up in Detroit with a single mother, and struggled through poverty. On Fox News Sunday, he claimed to want a flat-tax– meaning that everybody in the country would pay the same percentage of their income as tax, regardless of how much they make– and cited the Bible’s teachings as his inspiration. Not only does this go against keeping religion out of the government, but he himself should know the struggles this would give many families in poverty based on his experiences.

Carson could be the Republican nominee for the upcoming election, and while he and Donald Trump stand for similar ideas, his hypocrisy should not be tolerated. He is talking himself up by claiming to be making plans that seem to benefit the country as a whole, but acting otherwise. We need a president who can cater to all sides and standpoints of the people.