Enchanted Florist Meets Red Robin


Angel Rich

Cochran takes beverages off table 127 Monday evening while doing her closing tasks, hoping to be out of Red Robin before midnight.

“Are you thinking about getting any appetizers tonight?” Cochran asks table 72. After bringing their waters to them, the first yawn of many escapes. She has been working since 8am at the flower shop, while it is now 5pm at Red Robin. After her third yawn she decides to make her third cup of coffee of the day. Usually averaging about three to four cups a day.

Hannah Cochran, 22, works mornings at Enchanted Florist in Depot Town of Ypsilanti and evenings at Red Robin in Ann Arbor. Her normal week consists of about 60 hours spent working, leaving little to no time for herself.

When most of your day is spent working, customers play a major role on your psyche. “It depends on what people I encounter that decide whether or not I enjoy my day,” says Cochran. It can be quite mood dampening when you go from working at a flower shop that you love and getting compliments on your beautiful artwork to serving and busting your butt off for customers who tip you eight percent on their bill after the mother whispers to her children “you need to go to college so you don’t have to be like her.”

With school starting back up every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday Cochran is going to have to cut back her work hours. Although slightly nervous, she is mostly excited. Working two jobs and going to school? How?

Cochran definitely enjoys having a busy schedule. She is aware that although she isn’t always in the greatest mood from work, she truly believes that this workload is only temporary. “I work this hard now to build up my savings and prepare for my future so I don’t have to later,” she states.

“Seeing how people treat you says so much more about them than it ever could about you,” Cochran adds. She has learned many things about her busy scheduled life, including time management, efficiency, focus and how to get past hurt feelings quickly, but that is the main one that sticks with her. Although this phase of her life sucks she is aware that it won’t last forever, but her growth from it will. Ultimately Cochran has realized that although customers may be rude and pay may not be the greatest, deep down she truly is a happy person.