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Problems at The Neutral Zone

Problems at The Neutral Zone
Lucy Tobier 2 days ago

Disclaimer - The author is affiliated with The Neutral Zone through the Washtenaw County Youth Commission.  Last summer, a statement was released by teens at the Neutral Zone — a local nonprofit that...

Smoke from California fires alters Ann Arbor sunsets

Photo courtesy of Jon Thomas-Palmer. The view of the red sunset from Veteran's Memorial Park.
Geneve Thomas-Palmer September 20, 2020

On the evening of Sept. 16 at around 7:30 p.m., Ann Arborites traveled past the grassy fields and dusty baseball diamond at Veteran’s Memorial Park. All of them enjoyed different pastimes — joggers,...

Listening to the scientists

Listening to the scientists
Sophie Kriz May 12, 2020

While politicians talk and companies plug their ears, the people are left to wonder if there is anything that can be done about the environment. Scientists’ say: “there is.” At the University...

Rising rates

Ann Arbor’s downtown area has seen 27 high-rise developments built in recent years. The need for more affordable housing hasn’t received as much attention as the more expensive high-rises that are being built. “Denser population is the way we are going in the future. Less transportation is necessary,” Coetzee said.
Josh Boland May 12, 2020

Ann Arbor’s busy downtown streets have seen several construction projects creating expensive high-rise housing options. This new and gentrified downtown skyline towers over many of the smaller, original...

Without development, economic growth can “tear a city apart”

Look up.  There is sky above you.
Noah Bernstein April 21, 2020
Just this past summer, Google poured an additional $17 million into their Ann Arbor and Detroit offices. Business investments like these are becoming more common in southeast Michigan. With them come growing pains, but also a stronger sense of community.

Michigan Medicine Field Hospital

Dr. Grace Jenq gives an optimistic thumbs up to the camera wearing her PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Soon after this picture was taken, she would become head of Phase 5 Post Acute Care at the Michigan Medicine field hospital.
Mia Goldstein April 15, 2020

As the number of COVID-19 cases being treated at Michigan Medicine began to rise rapidly, a solution for where to place all patients who had graduated from the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) came into concern....

Pioneer BSU takes complaints to the AAPS School Board

Pioneer BSU takes complaints to the AAPS School Board
Eliot Klus March 10, 2020

Stories of racism in public schools have become increasingly prominent in local headlines, with an MLive story on racism in the Saline High School community achieving international coverage. According...

Playing for number eight: Skyline hockey celebrates senior night and the life of a teammate

Playing for number eight: Skyline hockey celebrates senior night and the life of a teammate
Ebba Gurney and Loey Jones-Perpich February 26, 2020

On Saturday, Feb. 22, the Skyline men’s hockey team crowded into the locker room of the Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea. The team, clad in blue and white jerseys over layers of padding, gathered around the...

A new face is running for Washtenaw County Prosector

Photo courtesy of
Sam Berkooz February 14, 2020

On Aug. 4, 2020, the election for the new Washtenaw County Prosecutor (WCP) will be underway. Unbeknownst to many county residents, Brian L. Mackie is our current WCP and has been for the past 28 years.  “For...

Listening session held in Saline due to tense racial climate

Saline High School junior Dru Campbell stands in front of Saline City Hall. As the only high school student to attend the listening session on Feb. 9, he proudly displays his
Tai Tworek and Dan Gutenberg February 11, 2020

On Feb. 9, Saline community members met at city hall for a listening session. The open discussion was hosted by three elected officials: Cedric Simpson, the Washtenaw County 14A District Court Judge; Shannon...

How and why to vote in Michigan

How and why to vote in Michigan
Noah Bernstein and Eliot Klus February 10, 2020

Donald Harrison, an Ann Arbor-based video director, recently released two videos detailing the voting process in Michigan for new voters.

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