Forum Council Meeting

Hind Omar

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On January 12, 2010 Forum Council met in the Craft Theater during 4th block for t­­­­­­­heir monthly meeting. Dean Jen and Kevin also attended. They had a group discussion covering possible budget cuts, in school and community issues, and possible upcoming events.

Dean Jen addressed several rumors circulating about possible budget cuts such as Community High being closed or seeing an end to forum. Both of these rumors are untrue at this time. What is being discussed is student athletes having to play to pay sports, stopping some or all bussing between CHS, Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline, which would change how duel enrollment will work. There is also talk of leaning towards having online or untraditional classes, and textbook and custodial services being cut.

Jen strongly suggested and urged forum council representatives as well as other CHS students to attend budget forums. At these forums, school board members as well as community members will discuss what plans would make sense to put in to place. Student opinion and input is critical and really will make a difference to show other people what is important to CHS students and how certain programs work that they might not understand otherwise. These forums will take place Thursday, January 14 at Scarlet Middle School, and Tuesday January 19 at Pioneer High School all beginning 6:30pm.

There has been past conversation about bringing 8th grade shadowing back. Right now there are a few problems that must be worked out before it can actually happen. Emails were sent out and meetings have been set up with the necessary parties to try and get this idea up and running.

There have been a few recent cases of theft from Kerrytown. Dean Jen, as well as several Forum representatives, stressed that this is a major issue and CHS has had a great relationship with Kerrytown that we can’t afford to ruin. Students are extremely discouraged to even think of stealing anything. We must keep a good respectful relationship with everyone at Kerrytown because of all they do to accommodate CHS students.

Several cases of graffiti and tagging have been reported and found around CHS. The graffiti drawing material can’t be taken care of by our custodians; the district has to hire someone to paint over it, and the district doesn’t have that money to spare. Graffiti is intolerable. If you have the urge to paint or draw, we have an art department.

Every forum is supposed to have a certain amount of community service hours. There is a plan being worked on by forum council to have an all day forum community service day. Single forums or groups of forums, depending on how many people the service project asks for, will go out on one day and make it an all school project. Each forum is to come up with a few Service project ideas they would be interested in doing. This will possibly take palace early this spring.

Forum Council’s next meeting is in two weeks. To share your opinion on CHS and the budget cut planning be sure to go to one of the two upcoming budget forums. If you have any questions, ideas, or input on any of the issues or evens happening be sure to talk to your forum representative or forum leader.