The Evolution of the Day Before Thanksgiving Break through the Yearbook

Names it’s Been Through

Thanksgiving Feast

Multi-Cultural Feast

Multi-Ethnic Feast


Our combinations of these


Quotes From the Yearbook

1972- start of Community High School

1975- “Thanksgiving dinner proves even a multi-ethnic day can be fun. Besides our own CHS jazz band, the program features Chicano and Asian-American music, a Native American speech, and black poetry readings. Food, provided by forums, is samples of the four major ethnic cultures. Sandi Raad and Marian Hallada head the super event.”

1987- “For the past two years, each forum has selected a country or area to represent. They then decorate their rooms and prepare foods according to the custom of their country. Prior to this, all food was put on tables in the halls as a giant potluck and everyone would line up to serve themselves.”

1988- “Giving some variety to traditional forums that chose a culture and brought foods accordingly, we had Bob Kinel and John Van Black having an all-Jell feast. Tom Dodd’s forum had a ‘blender-food’ feast where everything was drinkable. And Judith DeWoskin’s forum gave us Loompa-land and an all chocolate feast.”

1989 – “The canned food drive items just kept coming in, with Anne Thomas’s forum contributing the winning number.”

1991- “The festivities kicked off with a huge assembly in Craft Theatre with the Roberto Clemente Dancers performing a choreographed collaboration of jumpy, gyrating street dance solos, followed by Israeli dances led by Wendy Holden. Our own students became overheated by joining in on many of the folk dances with great spirit.”

1992- “Students from the adult education program, English as a Second Language (ESL) spoke or sang in their native language.”

1993- ”At the first multi-ethnic feast, students carried dishes of their different heritages and placed them on one long food-laden table in the middle of the gym. It was an opportunity to celebrate the fact, that there could be a difference. The feast subsequently moved out into the hallway as the need for a longer and longer table became evident. Eventually, in attempt to personalize the whole experience, forums voted to use the format in use now

1995- “Our school invited Roberto Clemente to our feast and the other enjoyable events of the day.”

2006- “Our annual feast was a celebration of man diverse and debatable cultures. Despite all the years’ changes, it was still a great way for Forums to bond and work together.”

2013- “To be more “environmental friendly” [at Multi Culti] many Forums decorated their classrooms with paper alternatives. Fabrics replaces some paper decorations.”