A Little Taste of Southern Heaven


The line to get soul food went down the hall and out the door.

It’s time again, Soul Food Fridays are back!

The Black Student Union sold food on the second floor ledge on Friday, January 22.  This homemade fun lovin’ southern food is still being sold at least one Friday of each upcoming month. They are selling fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, baked beans, green beans, salad, potato salad and brownies.

Kris Ann Berger helps out fellow BSU members during soul food friday.

The prices are $5 for two chicken legs and three sides, $4 for one chicken leg and three sides, $3 for salad and three sides, and 50¢ for a dessert or an extra side.  All meals will be served with a free bottle of water.

All proceeds of Soul Food Friday are going towards a sponsorship for a BSU member to attend a black college tour, and their first friday was such a success.  The line went all the way down the hall and out the doors to the staircase.  Annie Davis, a custodian at CHS, said “It’s good, it’s tasty… It’s my second time in line”.  Rachelle Mehdi, a student, said “I wish I could just have lots of mac and cheese”.

The line to get soul food went down the hall and out the door.

In addition to their monthly Soul Food Friday’s, BSU also has several other events in the works.  They are currently planning National African American Parent Involvement Day or NAAPID, and a school dance entitled “Hearts for Haiti”.  All the profits from the dance will be sent to Haiti to aid those struck by the earthquake.  The dance is scheduled for the Friday before Valentine’s Day.