Morgan Forum’s First Sandwich Competition


Sandwiches are displayed on the third floor. You could try six sandwiches for five dollars.

Students and teachers lined up in front of the six foldable tables. Sandwiches such  “The Smorewhich” and “Pretty In Pesto” sat beautifully just waiting to be bought. This was not your average third floor Friday lunch break. There was noise, chaos, and a multitude of sandwiches. As third block ended, the first-annual sandwich competition began.

Every year, Community High Schools raises money for Food Gatherers; each forum competes against one another to see who can raise the most money. The winning forum gets a pizza party. The Morgan Forum is a fairly new forum, starting only in 2015. Last year, the were underwhelmed with how much money the raised. So, this year, they needed a new strategy. Robert Morgan, the forum leader, came up with the idea of a “sandwich-off.” There would be groups of three to four people and each group would have to come up with the best possible sandwich. On Friday Nov. 17, the sandwich competition began.

Before devouring a sandwich, you would have to purchase a ticket from the first table. One ticket cost one dollar and six tickets cost five dollars; one ticket gets you one fourth of a sandwich, two tickets gets you one half of a sandwich, and four tickets get you a whole sandwich. Amongst the sandwiches, there was one outlier: macaroni and cheese. This group was unable to bring the grill, a vital part of their creation, which forced them to put macaroni on plates instead of between two slices of bread.

Dom Gatto, a student in the Morgan Forum, and his team created “The Sandwich Grace Can’t See” because his friend, Grace Bates, is red-green colorblind and their sandwich featured arugula and tomatoes, red and green vegetables. Their sandwich also includes goat cheese. All of their ingredients, except the tomatoes, came from Grace’s farm.

“[My favorite part of the fundraiser] is doing good. Also, I like selling things,” Gatto said. “I think it went pretty well and I think we raised a lot of money.”  

As lunch ended, Morgan Forum cleaned up and went back to class. Although they didn’t sell as many sandwiches as they hoped to, they still raised money for Food Gatherers which will benefit the organization in many ways. They hope to do it again next year, raise more money, and advertise the event better.