The Everlasting Spirit of the Divine Feminine

The phrase “The Divine Feminine” might be meaningless for thousands, even millions, of Americans across the country, but for many, it is Mac Miller’s Billboard 200 album that first hit the sound waves in September of 2016. While Miller’s album may have popularized the saying to the 21st century mainstream, the divine feminine has been discussed, picked apart, and tossed around for decades.

The divine feminine, also referred to as the female principle, was based firstly on the works of a psychiatrist named Carl Jung. Jung’s works focused mainly on the existence of archetypes, underlying forms that reside within the consciousness of a person, which were a system of defining a person’s personality characteristics and investigating their “collective consciousness.”

Jung’s intricate system of archetypes forged the way for a more accepting view of the human population as not solely masculine or feminine, but a combination of both. The feminine principle, focusing solely on the femininity of humanity, is at its deepest roots is a celebration of the life females bring, and the ancient associations of women and nature.

Mac Miller’s “The Divine Feminine” is no different. It is not an album about love, but a celebration of women and what they have taught Miller throughout his life. So, in honor of nothing more than the amazingness of females, which should be celebrated in some capacity every day, here is a playlist of the everlasting spirit of the oh so divine feminine.