Less Hair for Christia, More Help for Food Gatherers


West laughs while talking about how she felt when she found out she had to cut her hair.

Christia West walked through the doors of Community High on Monday, Nov. 27, with a bold new look: she had buzzed off all of her hair. Though West herself does not “think it’s the most attractive thing in the world,” she is very happy that she cut it. While she may not love her look, the new buzz cut inspired her forum to make 4800 meals possible for people in need.

West made a deal with her forum — if they raised over $1500 for Food Gatherers in Community’s annual fundraiser, she would get a buzz cut. When the forum came together and raised $1600, even more than they had been originally challenged to, her fate was sealed.  

Though West only lost a few inches, the haircut made a drastic change in her appearance. “Oh my gosh! Is that really me?” said West, describing her reaction the first time she looked in the mirror after her husband cut her hair on Sunday, Nov. 26.  

Although West is still adjusting to the new hair, she has taken a liking to it. Years ago, she had her husband “take the clippers to her” and cut off the long hair that she used to have. “It’s just so much easier to deal with. It’s very liberating,” West said.

This is not the first time West has made a deal with her forum in attempt to inspire them to raise more money for Food Gatherers.

A few years ago, she promised her forum that she would dye her hair pink if they raised a certain amount of money. Unfortunately, they did not reach the sum, and West’s hair stayed its natural sandy color.

She is excited that this year her forum pulled through and worked their hardest to help people in need, and if that resulted in her getting a suboptimal haircut — so be it.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was fun, and it’s only hair. It’ll grow back. I would do anything to motivate the kids, and I’m so proud of everyone,” West said.

West is overjoyed that Community raised such a large amount of money, and is honored to have helped her forum pull their weight. “All of us coming together and raising all that money really made my day,” she said. “I think that everybody should be so proud of what we accomplished together.”