Athlete Q&A: Finn Kilbride


What sports do you play?

I play hockey and lacrosse.


Which is your favorite?

Hockey, because it was the first sport I played, and I like to be part of a team.


Why did you choose hockey?

I like being part of the brotherhood of the team.


How long have you been playing lacrosse and hockey?

I’ve played hockey since I was five and lacrosse since I was in second grade.


What teams do you or have u played for?

Right now I play for Honey Baked for hockey and lacrosse for Skyline [High School]. Last year I played [hockey] for Victory Honda. I played for Compuware when I was younger.


What are you looking forward to this season/year?

For hockey, I want to go to states and win and move to nationals then win nationals. For lacrosse, I want to beat Pioneer [High School] and be better than last year.


What do you enjoy most about Hockey and Lacrosse?

For Hockey, I like being part of a winning program. I like lacrosse because I like to run and I don’t get to do it often.


Who is your favorite pro and why?

My favorite hockey pro is Duncan Keith because I can most relate to the way he plays. I try to model my game after the way he plays. My favorite lacrosse pro is Rob Penel. He was the MVP for the whole league this year, but I don’t know too many lacrosse pros.