As the leaves change colors and the temperature changes, The Left Lanes make preparations for their newest release. On Oct. 19, 2018, The Left Lanes will release a brand-new song, Autumn. The song is like previous releases the group has made as it is an indie rock song; Autumn, however successfully breaks the boundaries that the group generally resides in, and creates its own atmosphere of music.

  The song begins slowly, with the banter between two guitarists. As the vocals of Natalie Maxey gently drip into the song; you get the sense that soothing and comforting lyrics will remain throughout the song. While this is true, quickly after the listener becomes accustomed to the relaxing lyrics, they’re thrown for a loop as the entire theme of the song is flipped upside down. The song keeps the listener on their toes, changing the moment the listener becomes acclimatized to the song’s progression. In doing this, the band makes the listener question their own predictions as to what the song will lead to next.

  A theme that occurs throughout the duration of the song is a complete break of the instruments playing for several beats. These pauses in the song occur at surprising moments, and it creates a feeling of suspense that The Left Lanes immediately fulfill, resulting in a raised level of dopamine within the head of the listener.

  The song originates from a chord progression that guitarist Isaac McKenna, a junior at Community High School, formulated. The band then went through a process of dissecting the chord progression, adapting a portion of it, and evolving the song until it was developed into a more finished song. Once the instrumentation of the song was complete, Maxey wrote lyrics and vocal melodies, resulting in a finished product.

  “I tend to write the chord progressions of our songs with more of an influence of jazz than most rock bands have,” McKenna said. “In this particular song, it was originally a lot shorter, but after working with the band for a while, it grew into this nice long song that talks about this love story and the seasons changing.”

  “We wanted the song to take a more up-tempo approach,” guitarist Max Mellor said. “We wanted it to be a song that people could rock to, but we also wanted to surprise listeners so we made the beginning very mellow. I really think people will enjoy the bridge because it takes you from this heavy section to this upbeat mellow one.”

  The Left Lanes have engineered a song that tests the boundaries of indie rock music as it’s known today. While they hope to release an album by the end of 2018, their single Autumn is the only song they plan on having a release concert for.


  Autumn will be released at The B-Side on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018, at a concert running from 8-10 pm. The cost of admission is five dollars for students, and 10 dollars for adults.